Cat® 50kVA Diesel Generator - DE50E0


Producing 45kVA of reliable prime power at 50Hz, the DE50E0 diesel generator set is designed to ISO 8528 quality requirements. 

Standard features include:

 •  Standby power
 •  Sound attenuated enclosure
 •  4 pole breaker
 •  Single skin fuel tank (dual wall on certain models)
 •  EMCP 4.1 control panel
 •  Dry battery
 •  Battery charger 
 •  Jacket water heater

Model reference DE50E0
Engine Cat® C3.3 Inline 4-stroke Diesel
Frequency 50Hz


Standby (50Hz) Prime (50Hz)
Genset power rating 50kVA 45kVA



Overall dimensions

Frame type Dimensions Weight

(L x W x H) mm kg
Open 1925 x 1120 x 1361 904