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GFE Doosan Powered Diesel Generator Delivered!

GFE Doosan Powered Diesel Generator Delivered!

Another generator and fuel tank despatched, another happy customer!

We despatched and commissioned one of our GFE Doosan Powered generator sets to Naunton Downs Golf Club in the Cotswolds. The venue required a reliable back up generator for their commercial kitchen and events facilities.

The 200kVA standby generator GFE200DLC was the perfect option for the customer’s needs. Producing 200kVA of standby power the Doosan engine is able to supply emergency back up power during power cuts. We provided a high quality bunded fuel tank with the generator, to provide an independent source of fuel. The client has invested in this arrangement to guarantee, should there be a power outage during an event that as a business they can promise that the event would not be interrupted. The GFE200DLC is connected to the facility with an automatic transfer switch (ATS) that will engage the backup generator as soon as the ATS detects a loss in power from the grid.

The GFE200DLC is housed within a canopy to provide the generator with protection from the elements and to reduce the sound noise level caused by the generator while it is running. The canopy is aesthetically pleasing and matches the rustic Cotswold stone venue.

GFE Power Products were recommended to Naunton Downs Golf Club by one of our existing customers and were very happy with the service we provided.


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GFE Power Products is a British, ISO certified leader in the design, manufacture, supply and distribution of diesel, petrol and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) power generation equipment. We are one of the biggest stockists of new generators in the UK. We hold in stock branded high-quality equipment including Perkins, Kohler SDMO, CAT, Doosan, Baudouin and Cummins diesel generators. We design and assemble our own equipment creating a more competitive product. Our yard is filled with a huge range of stock with varying power outputs depending on the customer’s needs.

We are an expert in exporting goods globally using our vast distribution network. We are dedicated to supporting our customers ensuring goods are shipped on time, every time.

We protect your business making sure nothing slows you down!

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