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GFE Perkins Powered Diesel Generators

GFE branded Perkins diesel generators, from 10kVA to 2,250kVA. Our Perkins generators are ideally engineered for both standby and prime power applications. Perkins are a world leading brand in emissions technology. Our GFE branded Perkins generators are a safe choice for maintaining consistent power and keeping compliant with current emissions regulations.

As one of the largest stockists of new Perkins generators in the UK, we maintain a stock of over 150 units at any given time. This allows us to promptly fulfil most orders, reflecting our commitment to efficient customer support. With expertise in global generator exports, we assist customers in selecting, purchasing, installing, and shipping Diesel Generators worldwide.

We utilise premium components, including engines from Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, and Baudouin, and alternators from Leroy Somer and Stamford. For those seeking a more economical option, we offer our own brand of alternators alongside Deep Sea controllers, all housed in meticulously crafted canopies for a superior finished product.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive selection of Automatic Transfer Switches, Fuel Tanks, and Control Systems to tailor solutions to our customers' requirements.

Perkins 80kVA Diesel Generator - GFE88PLC

Introducing our GFE88PLC, delivering 80kVA of prime power and 88kVA of standby power. Engineered with efficiency in mind, our GFE Perkins Powered diesel range offers outstanding performance within a compact design. Featuring Leroy Somers alternators renowned globally, and standard Deepsea control panels, this range is ideal for situations where space is limited or cost-saving measures are essential.

With our comprehensive inventory, whether your focus is on cost-efficiency, environmental concerns, or speedy delivery, we stand ready to offer the ideal power solution for your needs.

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