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GFE Perkins PRO Powered Diesel Generators

Our fantastic range of Perkins PRO generators, from 10kVA - 2,250kVA+.

We recognise the significance of selecting the ideal diesel generator for your project. Whether your priorities lie in cost, availability, lead time, fuel efficiency, load step acceptance, or emissions compliance, we're equipped to steer you towards the perfect Perkins generator that aligns with your specific requirements. To ensure our clientele receives dependable power solutions tailored precisely to their needs, we provide an extensive array of GFE gensets powered by Perkins engines. These come in various sizes ranging from 10 kVA to 590 kVA plus with configurations including canopied, containerised, and open setups. Whether you're in search of an off-the-shelf genset or a fully customised power solution, rest assured, we have the perfect generator for you.

Our own branded range of Perkins generators, learn more about GFE Perkins PRO Powered diesel generators

As a leading supplier of new Perkins generators in the UK, we boast an inventory exceeding 150 units at any given time, ensuring swift order fulfilment and exemplifying our dedication to top-tier customer service. Our expertise extends to global generator exports, encompassing assistance with selection, procurement, installation, and shipment of Diesel Generators worldwide.

We employ premium components sourced from reputable brands such as Perkins, Cummins, Doosan, and Baudouin for engines, and Leroy Somer and Stamford for alternators. Additionally, for those prioritising cost-efficiency, we provide our own brand of alternators paired with Deep Sea controllers, all encased within meticulously crafted canopies for an unparalleled final product.

GFE offers as an optional accessory, not only a changeover switch but also an integrated mains detection and switch system for your 24 hour power protection. The system enables automatic start-up and operation of the generating set in the event of a mains power failure, overvoltage or loss of a mains automatic retransfer once it comes back.

What is the difference between the GFE Perkins PRO Powered diesel generator and the GFE Perkins Powered diesel generator?

The main difference between our two Perkins Powered collections is the canopy the generator is housed within. The GFE Perkins PRO generators have an updated canopy style. Visually the Perkins PRO range has a less angular design with rounded edges. The canopy has been carefully designed to reduce the volume of sound produced by the generator therefore reducing the impact of the generator on its surroundings. Silent diesel generators are an important part of a number of industries, the GFE Perkins PRO powered has a higher grade of sound proofing that uses rock wool to offer the optimised sound level possible in the most compact design.

Perkins 10kVA Diesel Generator - GFE10PLC PRO

The GFE10PLC PRO, delivering 9kVA of prime power and 10kVA of standby power.

Our most compact GFE Perkins Powered diesel range packs a punch. With world renowned Leroy Somers alternators and Deepsea control panels fitted as standard. This range is ideal for when you have limited space on site, or you are looking towards lower logistics costs.

Our breadth of stock means that whether your focus is on economy, emissions and/or speed of delivery we have the right power solution for you.

  • Model reference GFE10PLC (Canopied) / GFE10PLO (Open)
  • Engine Perkins 403D-11G
  • Alternator Leroy Somer TAL-A40-C
  • Control panel Deepsea DSE4520
  • Frequency 50Hz
  • Engine speed 1500rpm
  • Phase / Poles 3-Phase / 4-Pole
  • Voltage 400V
  • Rated current 13 Amps
  • Fuel consumption @100% load L/h 3

Perkins 150kVA Diesel Generator - GFE165PLC PRO

The GFE165PLC PRO, delivering 150kVA of prime power and 165kVA of standby power.

The GFE Perkins PRO Powered range, spanning from 89 to 250 kVA, is well-suited for a diverse array of industrial purposes, including agriculture, commerce, and industry. Equipped with Leroy Somers TAL alternators and Deepsea controllers as the standard, this line-up ensures dependable power supply round the clock for businesses and industrial operations.

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