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GFE Power Products Is An ISO Certified Leader In The Power Generation Industry

GFE Power Products Is An ISO Certified Leader In The Power Generation Industry

What is ISO and why is it important?

ISO stands for the International Organisation for Standardisation. It is an independent, non-governmental international organisation that develops and publishes international standards. These standards ensure that products, services, and processes are safe, efficient, and of good quality. The ISO develops standards in various areas such as technology, food safety, agriculture, and healthcare, among others.

What does an ISO certification mean for GFE Power Products customers, suppliers and dealers?

ISO certification indicates that GFE Power Products operates according to internationally recognised standards, demonstrating our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. Traceability is key, for example if a client requires a part for a generator, we can use the job number on the generator’s rating plate, and find the exact purchase order. With that information we can work with the client to find the exact part that is needed for their generator. We make the process as smooth as possible, we prioritise customer satisfaction.

Being ISO certified has strengthened our relationships with suppliers, as it assures them of our commitment to quality and standardisation. This has led to more reliable and consistent partnerships with suppliers, ensuring a smoother supply chain. Many organisations, especially in the global marketplace, prefer to work with ISO certified businesses as it ensures consistency and quality. Our ISO vetted suppliers include CAT, Cummins, Stamford and Deep Sea Electronics. We are therefore in a position to ensure we can always guarantee after sales support and spare parts availability for all of our products. We put quality components into our products therefore the build quality of our generators is excellent.

Why is ISO important in the generator industry?

ISO standards promote efficient processes, waste reduction, and cost-effective operations. By adhering to these standards, GFE Power Products have been able to streamline operations, minimise errors, and reduce costs. This enables the supply of a more competitively priced product.

Implementing ISO standards involves defining clear roles, responsibilities, and procedures, which leads to a more organised and engaged workforce. Clear guidelines have led to improved employee morale and satisfaction. Contact GFE Power Products, our enthusiastic and highly motivated work force are here to help you!

ISO certification encourages businesses to adopt a culture of continuous improvement. By regularly assessing processes and implementing necessary changes, GFE Power Products are able to stay competitive and adapt to evolving market demands more effectively.

While achieving ISO certification requires significant effort and resources, the long-term benefits often outweigh the initial investment, the ISO process has been a worthwhile endeavour for GFE Power Products. We want to guarantee that the products we are offering meet a high standard. This is what separates us from our competition.

Contact GFE Power Products, we supply high quality generators from our own and reputable brands. We make the buying and shipping process as smooth as possible.

We look forward to working with you.

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