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GFE Cummins Powered Diesel Generators

Introducing our new range of GFE Cummins Powered Diesel Generators.

Crafted for longevity and available at an affordable price, our range of GFE Cummins Powered generators span from 20kVA to 650kVA. The Cummins engines integrated into these generators are designed to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining a continuous power output. The GFE Cummins Powered lineup presents a varied selection of diesel generators, each customised to meet specific power needs. Whether for residential, commercial, industrial, or critical applications, there's a GFE Cummins Powered generator suited for the job.

Learn more about GFE Cummins Powered generators:

Known for their reliability and durability, the Cummins engines within GFE Cummins powered diesel generators are engineered to endure challenging conditions while ensuring a consistent power supply. The GFE Cummins Powered lineup presents a versatile array of diesel generators with varied power outputs, catering to diverse needs across residential, commercial, industrial, and critical applications.

With fuel efficiency at the forefront of their design, Cummins engines offer a cost-effective solution for prolonged usage. Diesel engines typically outperform petrol counterparts in fuel economy, making Cummins powered diesel generators a prudent choice. These generators are well-suited for both standby and prime power applications, serving as reliable backup sources during outages and providing uninterrupted power over extended periods.

For tailored solutions, GFE Cummins Powered generators offer customisation options to align with specific requirements. This encompasses the ability to personalise generator specifications, control systems, and enclosure preferences. Additionally, many of our Cummins generators feature remote monitoring and control functionalities, enabling users to oversee performance, schedule maintenance, and receive alerts from a distance.

The majority of our GFE Cummins Powered range features a Stamford Alternator and a Deepsea control panel.

When considering the range of a GFE Cummins Powered diesel generators, it's vital to assess the precise demands of the intended application and select a model that matches the power needs and environmental circumstances. Consistent maintenance and appropriate utilisation play pivotal roles in safeguarding the durability and effectiveness of every generator.

GFE Cummins Powered Generator Canopy Features:

Extremely rugged and highly corrosion resistant construction

  • Unique appearance with high sound absorbing and thermal properties
  • 8-12 hours built-in fuel tank integrated into the skid-mount base
  • Excellent design and craftmanship
  • Full weatherproof enclosure, suitable for operations in harsh conditions
  • Thermo-acoustic installation which can withstand fire, high temperature and severe conditions
  • Residential exhaust muffler manufactured from galvanised steel
  • High quality polyester powder paint
  • Designed on modular principles with interchangeable components permitting on-site repairs

Easy commissioning and maintenance

  • Control panel viewing window with lockable access door for quick, safe and easy monitoring
  • Side doors allowing 180° opening for easy accessibility
  • Lifting point for easy mobility
  • Lube oil drain and radiator drain
  • Internally mounted exhaust silencers constructed to withstand rough conditions

Security and safety

  • Earth leakage protection
  • Secure and lockable access doors for fuel fill and battery
  • Fully guarded cooling fan and battery charging alternator
  • Emergency stop push button mounted on the enclosure exterior for urgent and safe shutdown
  • Efficient management of cooling air to avoid high water temperature


  • Top access lifting points for crane lifting
  • Fork lift pockets for easy movability

Cummins 100kVA Diesel Generator - GFE110CSC

The Cummins GFE110CSC diesel generator delivers a dependable 100 kVA of power. Features of the GFE110CSC include a Cummins 6BT5.9-G1 engine, a Stamford UCI274C alternator and is controlled by the Deepsea DSE6120 controller.

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