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GFE Baudouin Powered Diesel Generators

Discover our state-of-the-art line-up of GFE Baudouin Powered diesel engines, meticulously designed for standby purposes or global customers seeking cost-effective solutions. Baudouin Diesel Engines come matched with top-tier alternator brands and Deepsea control panels, guaranteeing unmatched efficiency. With a wide array of options, from 24kVA to 772kVA, we cater to different demands, ensuring that whether you prioritise cost-effectiveness, environmental concerns, or swift delivery, we provide the ideal power solution tailored to your needs.

For over a century, Baudouin has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing diesel and gas engines. Originating in France in 1918, the company has expanded significantly, emerging as a credible competitor to top-tier offerings in the market. GFE Power Product Generators, driven by Baudouin engines, stand out as an optimal selection for standby power applications. With a rare industry-leading 4-year limited warranty, they provide a reliable solution for backup power needs in the UK and various other markets.

GFE Baudouin Powered Generator Canopy Features:

  • Compatible with 2000/14/EC directives, certified noise emission level
  • 2 or 4 point lifting for transport according to cabin size with certain models also including fork pockets
  • Hidden exhaust inside the canopy with weather flap to the exterior
  • Emergency stop button located on the canopy Improved air suction channel to ensure homogenous cooling in the canopy
  • Filler Lid on top of canopy for radiator and antifreeze top up
  • Power coated paint system protecting against corrosion and rust
  • Improved sound insulation performance
  • Demounted parts for easier transportation and maintenance

Baudouin 250kVA Diesel Generator - GFE275BSC

The GFE275BSC Baudouin Powered diesel generator delivers a dependable 250 kVA of power. Features of the GFE275BSC include a Baudouin 6M16G6D0/S engine, a Stamford UCDI274K alternator and is controlled by the Deepsea DSE7320 controller.