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GFE Power Products Announces Acquisition Of “Musgrave Generators”

GFE Power Products Announces Acquisition Of “Musgrave Generators”

Musgrave Generators in association with GFE Power Products

GFE Power Products today announces the acquisition of the well-known brand of bespoke generator manufacturer “Musgrave Generators”. The acquisition will enable GFE Power Products to elevate its offering of power generation products with increased manufacturing capacity and bespoke generator design.

GFE Power Products is already a British leader in the assembly, supply and distribution of diesel, petrol and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) manufactured power generation equipment ranging from 2kVA up to 3,000kVA. A large range of products are held in stock at the GFE Power products distribution centre in Pershore, including generators from 10kVA to 1,000kVA.

The Musgrave Generators brand is known as a British manufacturer of diesel powered generators which was founded in 1970, renowned for building bespoke, quality generators. The acquisition provides GFE Power Products with the ability to support an increasingly growing UK network and also widen their customer base to support more unique and bespoke built products.

The Musgrave Generators brand sits perfectly between GFE Power Products and its sister company Generators For Export. Generators For Export can provide existing Musgrave Generators customers with a decommissioning service, removing old and outdated electricity generating systems whilst GFE Power Products can support the replacement of these units, providing off-the-shelf solutions. GFE Power Products in association with Musgrave Generators are able to design and build a bespoke product depending on the customer’s specification.

We are looking forward to supporting the existing network of Musgrave Generator clients and are looking forward to hearing from anyone looking to decommission any older machines which Generators for Export Limited would welcome the opportunity to buy. We are also interested in hearing from any customers who would be looking for new replacement generators from both the UK or export markets where GFE Power Products could offer a tailor-made solution to meet the customers’ requirements.

Ben Whitmarsh Managing Director


GFE Power Products design, manufacture and distribute own brand generator sets which are built to work in even the harshest conditions across the world, from Asia to South America, from the Middle East to Africa. GFE Power Products also supply a select range of world renowned brands including, Caterpillar and Kohler SDMO.

Musgrave Generators was founded in 1970 by William G Musgrave. A founding member of the Association of British Generating Set Manufacturers (ABGSM), Musgrave Generators played a leading role in shaping the direction and growth of the British generator industry. Previously located in Daventry, Northamptonshire Musgrave Generators will now continue to be known in the generator industry and will be based in Pershore, Worcestershire in association with sister companies GFE Power Products and Generators For Export.

This is an exciting time for the future of these companies. The heritage of the Musgrave Generators brand continues on, and as a UK company, GFE Power Products are creating a bright future for British engineering.

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