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CAT Diesel Generators

CAT diesel generators are made by Caterpillar Inc. the world’s largest manufacturer of engines and high speed diesel generators. CAT generators are designed for prime and standby power applications. At GFE Power Products we stock the original GC range of CAT generators and the new E0 range of CAT generators that feature an updated canopy design. This article describes the differences between GC and E0 Caterpillar generators to help you decide which gen set is right for you.

Caterpillar Generator Features:

  • Each Caterpillar canopy is manufactured from galvanised steel, finished with advanced powder-coated paint.
  • All CAT generators have secure lockable doors to prevent unauthorised access to the generators control panel, fuel tank and battery.
  • Both GC and EO canopies have side hinged doors positioned on both sides of the enclosure and feature 45 degrees lift-off style hinges.
  • Whether you need your generator as standby back-up power to avoid the effects of a power cut or to continuously run an area of your industrial operation-Caterpillar generators are the perfect choice for you.

Caterpillar GC Diesel Generator range

The Caterpillar GC range of generators is made to CAT's superior standards. Ranging from 33kVA to 715kVA, CAT GC gensets are an efficient, safe, and clean emergency power solution. These generators are perfect for standby applications

  • Reliable
  • Light weight
  • Low fuel consumption
  • High quality
  • In stock, ready to ship

The generators are powered by field-proven CAT engines and deliver world-renowned performance. The GC range of generators are lighter in weight compared to the E0 range, and are overall smaller in size. This light weight sleek design helps reduce delivery costs, installation costs, footprint, and total purchase cost.

Cat GC generators represent excellent value and will keep your business running smoothly, without interruption during a power outage.

Generator models available in this range include: DE33GC, DE50GC, DE65GC, DE88GC, DE110GC, DE150GC, DE165GC, DE200GC, DE220GC, DE450GC,
DE500GC, DE550GC, DE605GC, DE660GC and DE715GC

Cat® 110kVA Diesel Generator - DE110GC

The CAT DE110GC diesel generator delivers a dependable 110 kVA of power at a frequency of 50 Hz. The perfect standby generator for your small business.

Caterpillar E0 Diesel Generator range

The NEW CAT Premium range of generators boasts an updated canopy known as an E0 canopy. These generators are built for prime and continuous power applications ranging from 33kVA up to 715kVA. Features of the E0 range include an EMCP 4 control panel, 3 pole circuit breaker, C.E. Certification and the updated level 2 sound attenuating enclosure. This updated canopy offers reduced sound levels compared to the GC range. The E0 canopy complies with the stage 2 levels of the European community directive 2000/14/EC which became effective January 3, 2006. The enclosures are the result of extensive research and development by specialist Caterpillar acoustic engineers.

The E0 enclosure features factory installed internally mounted critical level silencers. The best in the Caterpillar range for reduced sound levels.

The E0 generators are heavier and larger than the GC range however If you require the quietest CAT generator on the market - choose a Caterpillar E0!

Generator models available in this range: DE33E0, DE50E0, DE65E0, DE88E0, DE110E3, DE150E0, DE165E0, DE200E0, DE220E0, DE250E0, DE275E0, DE300E0, DE330E0, DE400E0, DE450E0, DE500E0, DE550E0 and the DE715E0.

Cat® 500kVA Diesel Generator - DE500E0

This premium power house of a diesel generator produces 500 kVA of reliable prime power at 50Hz. The DE500E0 diesel generator can cope with almost anything your business demands.

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