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GFE Power Products supplies tuna farm in Malta with reliable power

GFE Power Products supplies tuna farm in Malta with reliable power

In a business where time is of the essence, reliable power is paramount. A large Atlantic Bluefin tuna farm off the coast of Malta chose GFE Power Products to supply them with their latest standby set to power their packaging operation.

The company prides itself on sustainability, and grows its tuna stocks in a natural environment offshore, keeping the final product free from anything artificial. As a result, the sashimi grade tuna is of the exceptional quality specifically demanded by the Japanese and other global marketplaces.

The Maltese farm opted for a 275Kva (standby) / 250kVA (prime) Perkins powered canopied genset, coupled with a Leroy Somer alternator and DSE control panel.

Due to the highly perishable nature of their tuna stock and time sensitivity of the packaging operation, the Mediterranean company approached several UK generator suppliers with reliability at the forefront of their search. The company ultimately decided that GFE Power Products were the best partner to deliver this time critical package due to having readily available stock; something that GFE Power Products is well known for.