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Why Are Generators Canopied, Containerised or Open?

Why Are Generators Canopied, Containerised or Open?

Canopied Generators

A canopied generator has a purpose built cover that protects the inside of the generator from the elements. This protective structure often means the canopied generators require less maintenance. Canopied generators come in all shapes and sizes perfect for emergency power. See our CAT® 50KVA DIESEL GENERATOR - DE50GC for an example of a canopied generator.

Containerised Generators

A containerised generator is a completely self-contained generator that has been built within a standard ISO shipping container. Generators housed within a container are used as a backup or single power source for companies and factories that require a large amount of power. Containerised generators are quick to install, ideal for emergency or continuous power.

Open Generators

An open generator has no cover and is usually installed within a specialist facility. Often positioned within the basement of a hospital or factory, where there is no risk of the open generators being affected by the elements. See our CAT® DE220E0 OPEN 220KVA for an example of an open generator.

Temporary Covers

If you have a temporary cover over your generator, like a tarpaulin for example, make sure to remove this cover before starting the generator. Without enough airflow to the engine and with nowhere for the exhaust fumes to go the engine will over heat and the CO2 detectors may be activated.

Choose The Correct Generator

Make sure you have chosen the correct type of generator for your uses. Rain and snow can ruin the wiring and outlets of the generator causing malfunctions and even possible electrocution. Further damage may be caused if moisture works its way into the fuel, fan or alternator. To avoid having a flooded generator, never leave an open generator outside without a specialised housing unit.

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