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The GFE Power Products Dealer Network is growing

The GFE Power Products Dealer Network is growing

Our northern dealer has been out and busy this weekend installing a CAT set supplied by GFE Power Products.

Our GFE Power Products dealer network is growing! This weekend one of our dealers, based in the north of the UK, was working hard installing a brand new Caterpillar generator supplied by GFE Power Products.

If you are looking for a full turnkey solution anywhere in the UK let us know! GFE Power Products can put you in touch with one of our national dealers who will happily carry out a site survey and support you every step of the way as they install the perfect GFE Power Products generator for you.

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How do I become a GFE Power Products Dealer?

GFE Power Products, a renowned British company certified with ISO 9001:2015, specialises in the design, production, and distribution of diesel generators manufactured in the UK. Presently, it invites prospective partners to explore dealership opportunities and represent its esteemed brand.

Operating from its assembly and distribution hub in Pershore, UK, GFE Power Products offers an extensive range of generators, spanning from 10 kVA to 3,000 kVA. With an impressive line-up of top-tier brands such as Perkins, Cummins, and Caterpillar, GFE Power Products have uniquely positioned itself to cater to diverse budgetary needs. With a substantial inventory, GFE Power Products can fulfil both customised and standard generator requirements promptly, maintaining one of the highest stocking levels in the UK.

GFE Power Products is actively seeking businesses already engaged in or considering entry into the power generation sector.

Ideal candidates should possess the capacity to stock generators and possess fundamental engineering knowledge. Moreover, a capable team able to perform service, maintenance, and installation tasks, along with the determination to drive dealership success, are highly desirable traits.

For GFE Power Products, the dealership is not merely about immediate sales, but about fostering enduring partnerships that facilitate mutual growth. Leveraging its extensive experience and proven track record in global dealership development, we are eager to collaborate with new partners and customers, committed to nurturing their businesses over the long term.

Ready to elevate your business to new heights?

Join us as a GFE Power Products dealer and unlock a world of opportunity!

As a dealer, you'll gain access to cutting-edge power solutions designed to meet the demands of today's market. From reliable generators to innovative energy storage systems, our products empower you to offer top-tier solutions to your clients. With comprehensive support, competitive pricing, and a trusted brand behind you, becoming a GFE dealer is your gateway to success in the power industry.

Join us and power up your business today!

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