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What Is A UPS System And How Does It Work With A Generator?

What Is A UPS System And How Does It Work With A Generator?

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) generator systems provide instant power to electrical systems when the primary power source is interrupted. UPS systems can be installed in residential and commercial properties.

Advantages of a UPS generator system:

  1. Bridge the power gap

A UPS system bridges the power gap when a generator starts up. A generator doesn’t turn on instantly when a power outage occurs. In some cases it can take up to a minute for the generator to start producing power to the site. It is incredibly important that during this down time none of the connected devices are affected by the power outage. The UPS system will instantly switch to battery backup power until the generator is producing power and then take over the load responsibility.

This means that sensitive office equipment, hospital facilities and other power dependent machinery run smoothly. Connected and protected from power outages without any interruptions.

  1. Clean incoming power

A UPS system cleans the incoming power. A generator can produce fluctuations and inconsistencies in voltage and frequency ranges. An online UPS system takes unstable generator power and delivers consistent and clean output ensuring sensitive equipment continues to function correctly.

 Upgrading your genset

If your generator is relying heavily on your UPS system to regulate voltage and frequency inconsistencies, it might be time to upgrade your genset.

 UPS partners 

GFE Power Products is always looking for partners in the UPS industry to partner with and would welcome the chance to speak to any UPS companies looking for a reliable Diesel Generator supplier.

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