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Kohler SDMO Diesel Generators

Kohler SDMO generating sets are built by one of the world's largest industrial generator manufacturers. Kohler diesel generators are designed to power every critical standby, prime and continuous application in the world. Kohler SDMO manufacture sets from 6kVA to over 3000kVA and we stock options from 6kVA to 825kVA therefore we have a wide range of generators available to meet your requirements.

Standard generating sets from Kohler SDMO are designed for industrial users, offering reliable power, even in extreme conditions, the Kohler SDMO gensets are built to tough industry testing and quality standards, with the best quality of electricity, high starting and loading capacity, according to ISO8528-5. Since 1966, SDMO industries has held a leading position in the generating set market and combines technological expertise with high-tech manufacturing procedures.

KOHLER-SDMO Diesel Generator D830

Kohler SDMO Diesel Generators



K range units are powered by Kohler KDI engines. The Kohler KDI engine is designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase maintenance intervals. Gensets available in this range include: K6M, K10M, K12M, K17M and the K26M.

J range gensets are equipped with John Deere engines, providing fast response for standby applications and exceptional load recovery across a range of uses. Generators in this range include: J22, J33, J44, J88, J110, J130, J165, J200, J220 and the J250.

V range units are built around world renowned Volvo Penta engines, boasting reliable efficiency and unmatched load acceptance. Gensets in this range include: V350, V400, V440, V500, V550, V650, V715 and the V770.

D range generators are built on Doosan engines and offer reliability, availability, and maintainability. These sets have exceptional power efficiency and are eco-friendly. Generators in the range include: D275, D300, D330, D440, D550, D630, D700 and the D830.