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The Benefits Of Load Bank Testing

The Benefits Of Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is an important part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection service that we can provide. Before despatching any of our generators we carry out a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI). We have the option (at a small cost) to use a load bank as part of this process to put the generator under varying load conditions. We can see from this test how the generator responds to the draw of power. Through our 100 years of combined experience we have found the load bank is the most accurate method of testing the capability of a generator.

Different types of load bank testing

  • Resistive/Reactive – kVA rating, typically 0.8 of the power factor. Tests the engine and alternator.
  • Resistive only – kW rating, unity p.f. Tests the engine.


  • We can definitively provide a document that states the generator has been tested at different loads. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that, when required, their generator will provide the emergency power they need.
  • The regular testing of a generator can actually improve its lifespan.
  • When setting up a new sequence of generators a load bank can test the system in a safe, risk free environment.
  • If a generator is taking a light amount of use this can lead to wet stacking and a build up of carbon in the exhaust system and combustion chambers. Using a load bank helps to prevent these effects.
  • The load bank proves the generator’s capability of producing maximum power in horsepower and amperage.

Load bank services we offer

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection:

We conduct a PDI of of all generators before they leave our factory. Not only do we conduct this test on our own OEM generators, we also provide this service for our Caterpillar, Kohler SDMO and Cummins generators that we offer. 

  • Witness testing:

We are happy to invite our customers to our yard in Worcestershire to witness one of our generators performing under different loads using our load bank. Our customers are always confident our products will live up to their expectations.

If you would like to book a witness test at our site, get in touch today.

  • GFE Power Products generators load tested in situ:

We have access to a wide network of engineers that can visit your GFE Power Products generators and conduct a load bank test. Just get in touch to book an appointment with an engineer.

Learn more about load bank testing, see our previous article: What is load bank testing and why do we need to do it?