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What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

A pre-delivery inspection or PDI is completed by one of our trained engineers prior to the generator leaving our facility in Pershore, UK. We check that the generator is in full working order, without faults and is safe to use. In some cases we carry out a load test to check the capacity of the generator and ensure it meets the specification. Read more about the benefits of load bank testing.

Our Caterpillar and SDMO Kohler generators are assembled in their respective factories. When they arrive at our facility we complete an arrival inspection to ensure the equipment is in good condition.

Once the customer has placed an order we then carry out our full 72 point PDI inspection which includes items such as checking the exterior of the generator including the bodywork and paintwork. Checking the interior of the generator, including all cables, gauges and locking mechanisms. We ensure all fluid levels are correct and as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We then run the generator and  make sure that the engine and alternator are performing as they should. As well as simulating faults within the machine to check that the relevant shutdowns are operating properly. Finally we check all of the important accessories such as the Battery Charger and Engine Heater to make sure they are operating correctly.

By the time we have finished we know 100% that the generator is ready for full operation when it arrives at its destination and we will have another happy customer to add to our growing list!

Here we have one of our team inspecting a recent delivery of a Caterpillar DE150GC generator.

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