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Baudouin 250kVA Diesel Generator - GFE275BSC

Uncover our cutting-edge GFE Baudouin Powered diesel range, crafted for standby applications or global customers seeking cost-effective solutions. Baudouin Diesel Engines are paired with renowned alternator brands and Deepsea control panels, ensuring unparalleled performance. With a diverse inventory, we address various needs, ensuring that whether you emphasise affordability, emissions, or prompt delivery, we deliver the perfect power solution for your requirements.

Model reference GFE275BSC (Canopied)
Engine Baudouin 6M16G6D0/S
Alternator Stamford
Control panel Deepsea DSE7320
Frequency 50Hz
Engine speed 1500rpm
Phase / Poles 3-Phase / 4-Pole


kWe kVA
Prime Power (PRP) 200 250
Standby Power (ERP)
220 275


Rated current
Fuel consumption @100% load L/h 56.9

Overall dimensions

Frame type Dimensions Weight Base tank
@100% load

(W x L x H) mm kg Litres
Canopied 1504 x 3958 x 2384
3172 72.5


 GFE275BSC Engine Alternator