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Baudouin 45kVA Diesel Generator - GFE50BSC

Explore our cutting-edge GFE Baudouin Powered diesel range, engineered for standby operations or global customers seeking cost-effective alternatives. Baudouin Diesel Engines feature renowned alternator brands and Deepsea control panels, ensuring consistent performance. With a focus on delivering unmatched value without compromise, this range meets the demands of buyers prioritising affordability and quality.

Model reference GFE50BSC (Canopied)
Engine Baudouin 4M06G50/5
Alternator Stamford
Control panel Deepsea DSE7320
Frequency 50Hz
Engine speed 1500rpm
Phase / Poles 3-Phase / 4-Pole


kWe kVA
Prime Power (PRP) 36 45
Standby Power (ERP)
40 50


Rated current
Fuel consumption @100% load L/h 10.7

Overall dimensions

Frame type Dimensions Weight Base tank
@100% load

(W x L x H) mm kg Litres
Canopied 1038 x 2240 x 1378
1036 80


 GFE50BSC Engine Alternator