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Perkins 135kVA Diesel Generator - GFE150PLC


The GFE150 PLC packs a powerful punch! Incorporating a Perkins engine within a generator brings about a multitude of significant advantages that collectively enhance the performance, reliability, and overall value of the power generation system.

One of the foremost benefits is the inherent reliability of Perkins engines. Renowned for their robust construction and durable design, these engines are engineered to withstand demanding operational conditions. This translates to a consistently dependable power supply, even in situations where the generator is required to operate continuously for extended periods.

The GFE Perkins Powered range is well-suited for diverse industrial applications, encompassing agriculture, commercial endeavours, and industrial operations. Engineered with Leroy Somer alternators and Deepsea controllers, this range ensures consistent and dependable power supply around the clock, catering to the needs of businesses and industries without interruption.

Model reference GFE150PLC (Canopied) / GFE150PLO (Open)
Engine Perkins 1106A-70TG1
Alternator Leroy Somer TAL-044-H
Control panel Deepsea DSE6110
Frequency 50Hz
Engine speed 1500rpm
Phase / Poles 3-Phase / 4-Pole


kWe kVA
Prime Power (PRP) 108 135
Standby Power (ERP)
119 150

Rated current 195 Amps
Fuel consumption @100% load L/h 30.3


Overall dimensions

Frame type Dimensions Weight Base tank
@100% load

(L x W x H) mm kg Litres
Canopied 3160 x 1120 x 1580 2118 215
Open 2340 x 800 x 1400 1438


 Generator: Engine: Alternator:
135kVA GFE150PLC Perkins 1106A-70TG1 Leroy Somer TAL-044-H